Joe LoVerde

As an educator working in the public school system and a University Professor for the past twenty years, Joe has devoted himself to the study of how we learn. He has taken the knowledge gained through his practice and research to develop strategies and techniques that you can use in your life to immediately improve the quality of your instruction and accelerate your own learning.

Whether you attend one of Joe's graduate classes, his speaking engagements or work with him one-on-one, you will walk away from your experience with practical ideas and strategies that you can immediately implement in your classroom and life.

Joe is incredibly proud and honored to have David Dunaway and Emily Berchier join his team to help The LoVerde Group present classes around the country that educate, challenge and inspire teachers. 

David Dunaway

Dave has prided himself on being a lifelong learner with a passion for education.  He is a graduate of the Kamehameha Schools and the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a double bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Speech Communications.  He has his professional degree in education and a master’s degree in administration with a concentration in multicultural diversity and organizational leadership.  Dave has over 25 years of teaching experience with multiple grade levels, subjects, and is highly qualified in Elementary Education, K-9 Mathematics, K-12 Social Studies, and K-12 Physical Education and Health. 

Dave’s experience as a professional speaker, entertainer, business owner, and coach strengthened his ability to be an effective communicator and motivator with students, colleagues, and the community.


Dave has been working with the LoVerde Group for over ten years and is eager to share his experience, ideas and knowledge to help educational professionals achieve their goals and ultimately impact student achievement.

Emily Berchier

 Emily Berchier has spent her career teaching elementary education in Portland Public Schools.  Her teaching philosophy centers on engaging students in their own learning.  She believes that knowledge is best gained through active participation, which leaves a lasting effect on both adults and young students. She has a special passion for culturally responsive teaching, closing the equity gap and helping young, struggling readers. She also enjoys teaching adults, tapping into their expertise, and watching them reflect and make changes in their own practice. The collaboration, she believes, makes us all better educators.

Emily earned her undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Oregon and her Master’s in Education from Concordia University.  She has been influenced by her parents (a professor and a speaker/author) who instilled in her a love for the teaching profession. What motivates her most is the magical experience of seeing that "aha moment” of recognition in the eyes of her students.